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Thursday, December 31, 2015

December - Hidden Reasons to the Superficiality

The Rolling Stones – Songs about the Western Frustration

I Can't Get No Satisfaction and Get Off of My Cloud by The Rolling Stones are as valid today as in 1965 when they were released.

The flow of ”useless information supposed to fire my imagination” is something we can relate to. And for sure many have the wish to stop being bugged by the constant stream of meaninglessness that steals so much attention.

Ai Weiwei – Imagination as Water

To be stuck in a situation of superficiality is reflected in the short film The Sand Storm. In this movie the population lacks one of life's most essential elements: water. Ai Weiwei stars as the artist that brings them what they thirst for.

The Sand Storm if built on metaphors in order to get through the censorship that is obvious in China, where this movie is made.

That it is harder to understand how this censorship relates to the Western world is because the censorship in the West is hidden.

The Hunger Games – Exposes the Hidden Suppression and Censorship

Good examples of the hidden suppression in the West are brought up in The Hunger Games series. The final out of four movies is running in theaters right now and the marketing has probably caught some attention from most of you, and you have probably noticed that it seems to be just another super hero story.

Even if the core message of this movie is a clear protest against the current ideals in our society; this core is not outspoken but hidden by layers that more or less eliminate the core message. It is most likely that in order to be able to make this film, the filmmakers have had to fit their story into the existing structures; in other words they have had to turn against their own message. Read our exploration of The Hunger Games to get the usually hidden connections between art and our real world.

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